Variable Frequency Converter For Motor Speed

VFD Variable Frequency Converter for Motor Speed

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VFD Variable Frequency Converter for Motor Speed


Mode of operation

Keyboard, terminal, RS485 communication  

Frequency source

14 main frequency sources, 14 auxiliary frequency sources. They   can be combined and switched via multiple modes. The input mode of each   frequency source can adopt multiple ways: keyboard potentiometer, external analog, digital reference, impulse reference, Multiplex Directive, simple PLC,   communication, arithmetic results, etc.

Torque source

14 kinds of Torque Sources, including digital   reference, external analog, impulse reference,   Multiplex Directive, communication, arithmetic results, etc.

Acceleration and Deceleration Time

4-group straight line (terminal switch can be selected via   acceleration and deceleration time), S curve 1 and S curve 2.

Emergency stop

Interrupt frequency inverter output instantly

Multiplex   Speed

16-phase speed is   allowable to set at most and use various combination of   multiplex directive terminal to switch

Simple PLC function

Continuously run   16-phase speed and independently set acceleration and deceleration time and running time

Jogging   Control

Independently   set Jogging frequency and jogging acceleration and deceleration time,   additionally, set the unit under running state and confirm whether the   jogging is preferential

Rotating   Speed Tracking

Frequency inverter   starts operation by tracking the load speed

Fixed-length and fixed-distance control

Realize fixed-length   and fixed-distance control function through Impulse Input

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