Adjustable Frequency Inverter

Adjustable frequency inverter single phase three phase

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Adjustable frequency inverter single phase three phase


Counting control

The counting function is realized via pulse input.

Swing frequency control

Applied to the weaving and winding equipment.

Built-in PID

The process control closed loop system can be realized.

AVR function

In case of voltage surge of power grid, ensure stable output

CD braking

Realize fast and stable   shut-down

Slip compensation

Compensate the rotation speed deviation due to load increasing

Hopping Frequency

Prevent resonance with load

Sagged Function

Balance the load of multiple motors with the same load.

Timing control

Be able to realize automatic   shutdown of the frequency inverter when reaching given time

Built-in Virtual Delay Relay

Realize simple logic Programming   to multi-functional output terminal function and digital input terminal   signal, the logic results can not only be equivalent to digital input   terminal function, but can be output through multi-functional terminal output

Built-in timer

2 built-in timers can gather timing input signal and realize   timing signal output. The 2 timers can be both used independently and   together.

Built-in operation module

One built-in 4-way operation module can realize simple plus,   minus, multiplication, division, size judgment and integral operation.

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