3 Phase Output Frequency Inverte

VFD 3 phase output frequency inverte

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VFD 3 phase output frequency inverte


The control panel isn t equipped with RS485 communication   interface, and an external communication expansion card is needed. The   standard MODBUS-RTU protocol (connected with EM60-485 expansion card) is   supported.


Only the 1-way pulse signal (DI6) of encoder can be connected.

Motor type

Equipped with asynchronous motor


Operation information

Given frequency, output current, output   voltage, bus voltage, input signal, feedback value, module   temperature, output frequency, motor synchronous speed, etc. Through    ; Key, display 32 loops at most

Error message

Save   the historical information of 3 faults under running state of fault   protection. Every piece of fault information includes frequency, current, bus  voltage and input/output terminal status when fault happens.


Frequency inverter   protection

Overcurrent, overvoltage, module fault protection, undervoltage,  overload, external fault protection, EEPROM fault protection, ground   protection, default phase,etc.

Frequency inverter   alarm

Locked rotor protection, overload alarm.

Instant power-down

Less than 15 milliseconds: continuous operation


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